How Much Is Special One Day Event Insurance?

Planning an event can be complicated, and it’s not unreasonable to spend hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. From caterers to stage setup to entertainment, it’s always a good idea to get insurance for your event, even if it’s just a one day event.

How much is event insurance for one day? Costs for one day event insurance depend on many factors, including what type of event is being insured and what goes on during the event. For example, an event that serves liquor (for sale) will pay more for insurance than one that doesn’t.

What is One Day Event Insurance?

One day event insurance is liability insurance that covers special and one day events. Insureds are protected from lawsuits and paying for property damage or injuries. Some one day insurance may include cancellations, while other plans require you to purchase event cancellation insurance separately.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of one day event insurance ranges from less than $100 to several hundred or more. The type of event affects the price, as do the following factors:

Duration: The longer the event, the longer you are exposed to potential liability incidents.

Size: The larger the venue, the more property there is for event-goers to damage. Most insurance carriers price the event based on the number of attendees since more people mean a higher chance of someone getting hurt.

Cost: As with other types of insurance, the more expensive your event, the more one day insurance will cost.

Location: Some locations are prone to natural disasters such as forest fires or blizzards, increasing the cost of one day insurance.

Risks: How risky is an event? If there is a stage, there might be a chance it collapses. For example, an event that attracts rowdy crowds is riskier than a child’s birthday party. Higher risk events mean higher premiums for one day insurance will be.

Alcohol: Add alcohol (for sale) to any event and the chances of people getting into fights, falling or hurting themselves go up. Therefore, at any event, party, or gathering where alcohol is served, the one day insurance cost increases.

Sporting Events Insurance

With riled-up crowds and the competitive nature of sports, sporting events are a place where things can go wrong quickly. Sporting events insurance is a must to keep you covered from fights breaking out, spectators getting bonked in the head with baseballs, or sudden bad weather moving in.

This one day event insurance is customizable to fit the cost, duration, and more. Event planners can choose the coverage they need to fully protect them. Learn more about the sporting events liability insurance to stay covered during the big game.

Concert Event Liability Insurance

For concert goers, this event is all about music and having fun. However, the risk of injury and accidents increases for concert planners when there are large crowds, especially if a mosh pit is involved. Luckily, there is a range of solutions to choose from at ESP – some customizable, some standardized.

Read more about concert event liability insurance to say covered and make sure that the music is the only thing making headlines.

Birthday Liability Insurance

Birthday parties might seem like harmless events, but injuries do come with having bouncy houses, trampolines, and farm animals. ESP offers affordable birthday liability (starting at under $100), and this coverage includes options for outdoor and indoor venues, house parties, and many more.

Learn more about birthday liability insurance and get your certificate today.

Music Festival Event Liability Insurance

Music festivals, like concerts, are events where large numbers of people congregate to have fun. However, planning for the risks of music festivals is daunting since there are many hazards, including things like drug use, injuries, and the use of police, fire, and EMS.

ESP offers comprehensive music festival liability with both customizable and standardized options. Read more about it here.

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