Consumer Shows Insurance

A successful consumer show gives your business the opportunity to connect with customers. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances slow down your business: work with ESP for consumer show insurance that will protect you from potential perils that may threaten your event’s success.

ESP has experience in delivering comprehensive consumer show insurance for the lowest price in the industry. We can offer you a customizable risk management strategy curated to your exact consumer show insurance needs to cut your costs and give you peace of mind to focus on planning your consumer show.

If you are looking for value over customization, our standardized solution offered through our member-only SHEL Risk Purchasing Association pushes your costs even lower. Our goal at ESP is to provide our clients with top-quality customer service and thorough consumer show insurance for the lowest prices in the industry.

Go Ahead, We Have You Covered

"We in the United Nations will certainly look for other opportunities to work with you! Your service has been so excellent throughout the process."
Charles McNeil
Senior Advisor United Nations

Sample Perils Covered by Consumer Show Insurance

Since the policy is “all-cause”, the trade show insurance policy protects clients for reasons including but not limited to: severe adverse weather, venue unavailability, earthquakes, wildfires, power blackouts, communicable disease outbreaks, non-appearance of a key person, presenter, or entertainer, major riots and civil commotion, or national mourning.

Target Insured, Available Limits, and Geographic Scope

ESP Specialty can provide trade show public liability insurance for many vendors and exhibitors at events in the U.S., Europe, and throughout the world. Example events include trade shows, conferences, fairs, major sporting events, concerts, and much more. 

Coverage is available worldwide, and available limits are based on the projected gross revenues or expenses of the event with an in-house capacity of up to $85 million. Minimum premiums are subject to risk purchasing group program restrictions only. 



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