Event Cancellation Insurance

Because circumstances beyond your control happen

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Event cancellation insurance protects revenue or expenses from an event against cancellation, postponement, curtailment, relocation, or complete abandonment for reasons beyond the control of the event organizer.

Since the policy is “all-cause”, the event cancellation insurance policy protects clients for reasons including but not limited to: severe adverse weather, venue unavailability, earthquakes, wildfires, power blackouts, communicable disease outbreaks, non-appearance of a key person, presenter, or entertainer, major riots and civil commotion, or national mourning.

ESP Specialty can provide event cancellation insurance for many events in the U.S., Europe, and throughout the world. Example events include trade shows, conferences, fairs, major sporting events, concerts, and much more.

Coverage is available worldwide, and available limits are based on the projected gross revenues or expenses of the event with an in-house capacity of up to $85 million. Minimum premiums are subject to risk purchasing group program restrictions only.