Fly Fishing Guide Insurance

Fly Fishers International partners with ESP Specialty to deliver the most comprehensive and cost-effective fly fishing insurance protection for their membership organization. The Fly Fishers International Insurance Program protects guides & outfitters for covered activities.

Protect your guides or outfitters operation with the most comprehensive fly fishing insurance coverage at the best price. The fly fishing guide insurance provided through ESP Specialty is designed specifically for fresh and salt water guides and outfitters, including related bird and big game hunters.

With our Fly Fishers International Insurance Program, active members can save as much as 25% on annual fly fishing guide insurance premiums.

Go Ahead, We Have You Covered

"Five years ago we were using a local insurance agent for our football insurance for our players and board. After reviewing ESP's quote, we realized that their rates were much lower than our current provider and ultimately decided to switch. The staff is amazing to work with and very attentive to our needs. We highly recommend ESP Insurance Brokers to any youth organizations looking for insurance."
John Doe

General Liability Made Your Way

  • Fly fishing guide insurance covers third-party bodily injury, personal and advertising injury, and no-fault medical expenses arising out of fishing and guiding operations. 
  • Coverage extends to property damage and damage by fire to rented premises (7 days or fewer). 

Members who are eligible for this fly fishing insurance include guides and outfitters (including non-motorized boat), W-2 employees, 1099 independent guides, bird hunting guides, and big game hunting guides (non-horseback). Must be in good standing with the Fly Fishing International Membership Organization. 

Optional Coverages

Let ESP Specialty help you create a fly fishing guide insurance policy that protects you thoroughly, including coverage for all your gear (boats and equipment) and the ability to name others as an additional insured (including governmental entities).

3rd Party Liability and Property Damage Coverage for Motorized Boats or Non-Motorized Boats is also available for guides and outfitters operations.

We can secure you coverage for anything that is excluded under the terms of this fly fishing guide insurance policy. Simply ask us how to insure any excluded activities and our experts will help!

Examples of excluded activities: watercraft over 26ft in length, equine liability, lodging or retail operations including Internet sales, whitewater operations over Class III, ATV-only guides, and fishing operations over 5 miles from the shore.



Interested in weather insurance for your fly fishing operations? 

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