Theater Insurance Coverage

Are you the host of a musical or theatrical performance? Are you a vendor or concessionaire looking for event insurance? We are here to help with comprehensive theater insurance coverage. 

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Theater insurance coverage to meet your needs.

Planning for musical and theatrical performances is a lengthy process. From scheduling performers and securing a location, to providing proper security, there is a lot that goes into making the event a success. Hosting or working at an event can also put you at financial risk. Let us help you find the right theater insurance coverage so you can organize a seamless event and be protected. 

General Liability Theater Insurance Coverage

If someone trips and falls or is otherwise injured at the event, they can bring a lawsuit against you. This coverage can provide protection for instances such as these. It can also provide protection if you hold the event on someone else’s premises and you or one of your guests damages their property during the event.

Medical Payments

If a guest gets injured during the event, this coverage can provide reasonable medical expenses for each guest who is injured.

Liquor Liability

If someone is drinking at the event and injures someone while driving home, you could be held liable. This coverage can offer protection for a potential lawsuit against you for negligent service or sale of alcohol.

Coverage is based on the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of your policy.  Be sure to read your policy to verify your coverage.


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