Cost Containment Weather Insurance

Our cost containment weather insurance program is designed to contain costs associated with abnormal weather conditions to avoid raising costs and damaging your bottom line. Let ESP Specialty help give you peace of mind by providing security from events outside of your control.

ESP provides a range of limit options based on your business’s specifications, making our cost containment weather insurance great for various businesses. We also have a more standardized option through our SHEL Risk Purchasing Association, which offers a more value-oriented strategy and greatly reduces costs.

Our goal at ESP is to offer the best coverage for the best prices – all with our signature best-in-class customer service. Don’t let bad weather ruin your day. Let ESP help with cost containment weather insurance instead.

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"We in the United Nations will certainly look for other opportunities to work with you! Your service has been so excellent throughout the process."
Charles McNeil
Senior Advisor United Nations

Typical buyers of cost containment weather insurance include property management companies, private schools, hospitals, municipalities, and towns.

Abnormal weather conditions include but are not limited to snow removal costs, weather damages, power outages resulting in a loss of business, heating costs in abnormally cold winters, cooling costs in an abnormally hot season, and much more.

Policies are written on a stated value basis for an amount of the insured’s choosing. Policy limits are determined by the appetite of the open market. Geographic scope covers the United States and Canada​



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