Contractual Bonus Insurance

Give bonus incentives to your players, teams, or clubs for excellent performance on the biggest stages. Your sponsored athletes’ success is a great opportunity to promote your brand. If they fulfill their end of the contract, our contractual bonus insurance policy can save you from taking a financial loss.

Contractual bonuses can be a great tool to motivate individuals or groups. Our contractual bonus insurance allows both parties to reap the rewards of success. Get protection from any financial downsides today with ESP’s contractual bonus insurance so you can offer bonuses at a fraction of the cost.

ESP is dedicated to delivering the most thorough contractual bonus insurance with premier customer service support – all for the lowest price available on the market.

Go Ahead, We Have You Covered

"We in the United Nations will certainly look for other opportunities to work with you! Your service has been so excellent throughout the process."
Charles McNeil
Senior Advisor United Nations

Summary of Coverage

Introducing a variety of promotions can be an effective way to increase awareness and revenue, but also produce underlying financial risks. Our contractual bonus insurance can help mitigate that risk for a small percentage of the cost.

Target insureds for contractual bonus insurance include integrated marketing agencies, retailers, athletic organizations, golf courses, and nonprofit organizations.

Standard limits vary by promotion. Limits up to $10 million or more available. Minimum premiums are subject to risk purchasing group program restrictions only. Available worldwide.



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