Over Redemption Insurance

Coupons and product offers are great for increasing awareness and sales of your products and services. However, it comes with the risk of potential over-redemption, which can negatively impact your business. ESP’s over redemption insurance can product you from unexpectedly high redemption of coupons.

Enjoy the freedom to be creative with your product launches and special offers to generate the most hype and awareness possible. Thousands of individuals and businesses have entrusted ESP with their risk management strategy for over-redemption insurance policies.

Through our member-owned SHEL Risk Purchasing Association, our cost-effectiveness and comprehensive coverage terms can rarely be matched. You can count on ESP to deliver an effective over-redemption insurance policy and top-notch customer service – all for the lowest price.

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Summary of Coverage

Introducing a variety of promotions can be an effective way to increase awareness and revenue, but also produce underlying financial risks. Our over-redemption insurance can help mitigate that risk for a small percentage of the cost.

Target insureds for over redemption insurance include integrated marketing agencies, retailers, athletic organizations, golf courses, and nonprofit organizations. Over-redemption insurance covers coupons, “buy one, get one free” offers, multi-purchase benefits, and other special promotions.

Standard limits vary by promotion. Limits up to $10 million or more available. Minimum premiums are subject to risk purchasing group program restrictions only. Available worldwide.



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