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Available Weather Insurance Options

Weather insurance for events protects against revenue losses from adverse weather conditions that reduce attendance and the sale of concessions, food, and parking. Typical buyers include fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, parades, and air shows.

Cost containment weather insurance is designed to contain costs associated with abnormal weather conditions. Our seasonal or annual coverage responds to pay for each and every inch of snow, or degree over the budgeted amount. Typical buyers include property management companies, private schools, hospitals,
municipalities and towns.

Income stabilization weather insurance is a business interruption tool in a simplified format specific to a reduction in sales/revenue tied solely to weather. Our seasonal or annual weather coverage responds to business interruptions, paying the insured an agreed upon limit per day to offset the shortfall. Typical buyers include restaurants, car washes, and pay-for-play golf courses.

Prize / promotion weather insurance is designed to stimulate sales for many types of retailers and manufacturers. If a certain weather event occurs on a predetermined day, consumers receive a full or partial refund on purchases made during the promotional period.

Golf tournament cancellation insurance provides protection of up to $25,000 for a golf tournament if it is cancelled within a 12-hour period leading up to the start time, due to adverse weather conditions.

Big day umbrella insurance is a wedding day rain insurance policy that pays out an agreed amount if it rains a predetermined amount on the insured’s wedding day, at a specified location during predetermined hours.

ESP Specialty offers a variety of options for weather insurance available in the United States and Canada. Policies are written on a stated value basis for an amount of the insured’s choosing. Policy limits are determined by the appetite of the open market.