Will Travel Insurance Become a Club Sport Staple?

As we roll into 2021, there are actual signs across the United States that youth club/travel sports will come back to life after a covid dormant 2020. Parents have even proclaimed they miss the steady schedules and travel that comes along with club and travel sports. Give them a few months that will change.

What is not clear is what comes next. With airlines likely in mid-summer to stop their current free date change and cancellation policies that went into effect during the pandemic, is now the time to start to supplement your travel risk with seasonal travel cancellation benefits?

Travel accident and cancellation insurance help provide critical protection for family members traveling as a group to the same destination. It is designed to help protect against the financial hardship that could result if a member is injured prior to the trip or needs to cancel the trip for several different reasons. Those reasons can include.

  • Sickness, Injury, Death.
  • Common Carrier Cancellation or Delay due to Weather, Mechanical, or FAA Mandate.
  • Accommodation at destination unhabitable or inaccessible.
  • Traffic accident en route to departure.
  • Travel Delay causing missing 50% or more of the tournament or camp.
  • Transport of Employment.

Costs range from carrier to carrier based on specifics, but you can usually purchase coverage for about 3% of trip costs. Here at Team ESP, we are looking to develop a simplified camp, club, team seasonal injury, and travel insurance policy that would help give parents peace of mind if a child is injured before or during the camp, season, etc.

We all know club and travel sports require a huge commitment of time, energy, and finances. Between the registration fees, the extras, and associated travel costs, you could be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars if unforeseen circumstances prevent your child from participating. If the injured child were to miss the season, parents would be able to recoup their financial commitment in terms of registration fees and travel expenses.

We hope to have this product available in Q2 2021.

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