Family Entertainment Center Electrical Preventive Maintenance Hazard Plan

Electricity is what powers your entertainment or sports facility and Is crucial to keeping operations moving smoothly. However, because electricity contains so much energy, there is always the potential for a fire to start or for someone at the facility to accidently shock themselves.

Anything that uses electricity can break down or corrode over time. This includes the electrical systems inside the walls of buildings as well as specialized equipment such as a pitching machine for batting cages at your sports or entertainment facility. Cables, batteries, wires, surge protective devices, and more can be damaged over time, especially if they’re also exposed to big swings in temperature because they are kept outdoors or in an uninsulated garage. An electrical preventive maintenance hazard plan ensures that the electrical systems in your business don’t become a liability.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance Plan

An electrical preventive maintenance plan is a proactive action plan to keep equipment and other electronics in optimal condition. This way, you can avoid costly, unplanned breakdowns and accidents. Things to include in a preventive plan include:

  • Having inspections done routinely – Inspections can be visual or comprehensive. Visual inspections check to see that electrical equipment is operating correctly, is enclosed or protected from the elements, and isn’t giving off any strange noises, smells, vibrations, or heat. A comprehensive inspection is usually done by an electrician and ensures that connections are secure and circuit breakers are working properly.


  • Testing for deficiencies in the equipment – A professional electrician can conduct tests to see where a piece of equipment might need maintenance. For example, an insulation resistance test checks that insulating materials (for example, the plastic coating around electrical wires) are still in good working order.


  • Installing surge protection – Power surges can happen from events such as lightning or overloading a switch. The electrical circuits will overload and overheat without a surge protector, leading to an electrical fire.


  • A contingency plan for critical parts – If your facility uses specialized equipment that have expensive components, you know that getting these parts repaired or replaced can take a long time. A contingency plan for how you will get these parts when they break down can help reduce future costs and won’t cause interruptions to your business.


  • Make sure you are insured – Whether you own an arcade or bowling alley or some other type of entertainment or sporting facility, insurance is a must! You’ll want coverage for equipment breakdowns and extra expenses, but it’s equally important that you have general liability insurance. This type of insurance covers legal liability to 3rd party participants and 3rd party property damage.


How To Prevent Electrical Fires!

Electrical fires happen when electricity flows where it isn’t supposed to, and the resulting heat causes the surrounding area to catch fire. There are many ways to prevent electrical fires, and you don’t need to be an electrician to carry out these preventive measures!

  • Check electrical outlets to ensure wires aren’t exposed and replace broken wall plates.
  • Use the correct plugs for your outlets and never remove the third prong so a plug will fit into a two-plug outlet.
  • Inspect your electric cords for signs of wear, such as fraying or cracking.
  • Keep flammable things, like curtains and rugs, away from outlets and electrical equipment.
  • Use a surge protector in case of a power surge.
  • Stop using equipment that continuously blows a fuse. There may be something wrong with it, and you will need to repair or replace it.


How To Prevent Electric Shock!

Electrical shocks can happen if you touch a broken electrical appliance or live wire that isn’t properly insulated. Getting shocked can lead to irregular heartbeats, burns, and even death, so preventive measures are needed to protect your customers.

  • Keep equipment dry – Sporting equipment such as pitching machines are not always waterproof and should never be turned on or used in the rain. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity and turning on a machine when it is wet can lead to electrical shock. Use a tarp or pitching machine cover to secure and keep your equipment dry on rainy days.


  • Don’t unplug things that are running – A circuit that is “under load” has electricity running through it. Unplugging that appliance as it draws electricity from the wall can create an arc and shock you. Turn off the appliance first before unplugging.


  • Use insulated tools – If you’re tinkering around with equipment or an electric socket, make sure that the tools are insulated. Since most tools are metal, and metal is a great conductor of electricity, accidentally touching a live wire with uninsulated pliers will shock you.


  • Turn off the power before fixing things – Whether you are changing a lightbulb or checking for frayed wires, turn off the power first. Flip the off switch on the circuit breaker and then flip it back on when you’re through.


Electrical Equipment Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Electrical equipment preventive maintenance aims to identify faults and equipment repairs, prevent electrical fires and shocks, and reduce costs and repair time when things break down. Using a checklist like the one below can help you stay organized as you create an electrical equipment preventive maintenance plan.


  • Inspect machines, repair if necessary
  • Test the devices to make sure they are working
  • Service machines routinely
  • Replace broken parts as needed
  • Repair salvageable parts
  • Have plastic covering available to keep equipment dry
  • Create a list of procedures for each piece of equipment


Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your insurance covers electrical fires, shocks, and other unpredictable and unexpected accidents. Learn how ESP can help you find the right policy for your facility and get insured today!


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