3 Reasons to Consider Entertainment Insurance

Businesses in every industry face risks that should be covered by insurance. Entertainment businesses face a unique set of liabilities due to the many variables at play: reckless behavior of patrons, bodily injury, slip/falls, property damage, and a wide range of other potential damages, causing lawsuits and claims.


Entertainment insurance is your first crucial investment to help you protect your interests and the financial health of your business. If your business is in the entertainment industry, here are three reasons you should consider entertainment risk insurance.

Entertainment insurance covers a wide range of business types

The entertainment industry is a broad category that includes a wide range of businesses. No matter where your business fits into the entertainment industry, you’ll be able to find insurance coverage that meets your needs. Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from entertainment insurance:

  • Entertainers and performing arts groups like singers, bands, or theater troupes.
  • Broadcasters, producers, photographers, and videographers.
  • Event planners and entertainment services providers like lighting and sound designers.
  • Entertainment venues like theaters, indoor/outdoor sports & leisure facilities, and family entertainment centers

Customized entertainment risk insurance policies can provide precise coverage and protection for any event. Partnering with the right insurance expert will help you get a custom solution at the lowest price possible. You can also look for standard policies to keep your costs even lower while still covering your risk factors.

Entertainment insurance provides liability coverage for your business

Third-party claims and incidents are unfortunately very common in the entertainment business. General liability insurance helps protect businesses from third-party claims such as property damage or 3rd party bodily injury. With sufficient general liability coverage, you can reduce the financial burden of third-party claims and legal expenses on your business.

Example events that could be covered by entertainment insurance

Let’s say you own a family entertainment center business. A patron slips and falls on your property, resulting in a broken arm. Suppose the patron files a claim against you. In that case, general liability insurance could cover her medical bills related to the accident and provide coverage for your legal fees in the event the claim escalates to a lawsuit.


Here is another example. What if you are an entertainer, and one of your fans causes property damage at the property where you hosted your performance? A liability policy protects you in case an incident occurs during your coverage period. If you own or use your own property, you should also consider commercial property coverage in your entertainment risk insurance.

Potential entertainment insurance coverage gaps

Of course, a general liability insurance policy will not always provide coverage for every risk or dollar. Some conditions may be excluded from your policy or prevent a particular peril from being covered. However, sufficient liability coverage is crucial to preventing these damages from financially devastating your business. Make sure you discuss your policy details in-depth with your insurance expert to avoid any coverage blind spots.


Blind spots, or coverage gaps, can include situations such as liquor liability, performer injury, advertising injury if you’re an advertising/promotion business, and more. Some liability policies also contain an entertainment industry exclusion, so it is necessary to partner with an insurance expert with specific experience in providing entertainment insurance services to businesses in this industry.

Other reasons you may need liability coverage for your entertainment business

Most entertainment businesses need a liability insurance policy in place to rent a property for an event, performance, filming session, or anything else related to your business. If you are renting a venue or facility for your business, don’t forget to check if the building or location owner requires a certificate of liability insurance.


In the fast-moving entertainment industry, it’s essential to find an insurance expert or team of experts who can provide insurance assistance and certificates of insurance as quickly as you need it. Protect yourself and your business from third-party liability claims, property damage, and more with entertainment insurance that meets your needs.

Entertainment insurance helps you prepare for risks and support your business objectives

In the entertainment business, risk-taking is often part of the job. After all, entertainment is all about captivating and engaging your audience. But however essential risk-taking might be to keeping your business fresh and competitive, it is also crucial to manage and mitigate those risks to avoid hurting your business.


Entertainment insurance can help you prepare to face risks while supporting your business objectives. Consider the following established and emerging risks that might be facing your business in the entertainment industry:

  • Reputation: maintaining your image is crucial. What happens if a competitor sues you for libel or a customer starts badmouthing you to the public? Considering an entertainment insurance policy that covers financial losses from a reputation-damaging incident may be worthwhile.
  • Data and IP theft: reputation damage can also come from data or intellectual property theft in the event sensitive information gets released to the public. This situation could also interrupt your revenue streams. For example, imagine if a new film got pirated, or if a competitor stole your business or promotion ideas.
  • Injury, property damage, and acts of violence: unfortunately, injury and property damage are common occurrences at entertainment businesses. Acts of violence are also more frequent than ever. Not only could this affect you, your customers, and your property, but there may be longer-reaching consequences. Examples include lawsuits or revenue losses due to decreased sales or the inability to use part or all of a location.

Entertainment insurance is a worthwhile investment for your business that can help protect your financial health, support your business goals, and prepare for any event. Ensure you partner with the right insurance expert to guarantee sufficient coverage for your needs.


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