The Importance of Secondary Accident Insurance for Youth Football Teams

In recent years, football leagues have made considerable progress in lowering the number of accidents and Injuries by introducing rule changes focused on player safety. However, football remains a full contact sport with the risk of injury at all levels. The experts at ESP Specialty understand this and have been partnering with youth football organizations for over a decade to provide proper insurance coverages that protect more than 400,00 participants each season.

There are two required coverages for organizations fielding youth football teams: General Liability and Secondary Accident Medical. General liability coverages provide protection for your league’s participants (players, coaches, and volunteers) from several third-party claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, sexual abuse, and more. However, it does leave a gap, which Is where secondary accidental coverage comes into play.

What is Secondary Accident Medical Insurance?

As the name suggests, these policies provide excess (secondary) coverage to family health insurance for injuries and accidents. If a family’s health policy does not cover all the costs of treatment, the Secondary Accident Medical coverage can fill in the gaps subject to deductibles. If there is no existing primary health insurance, the policy becomes the primary coverage subject to deductibles.

BENEFITS OF Secondary Accident Medical Insurance

Secondary Accidental Medical Insurance provides several benefits and in our opinion is a required coverage for your youth football organization. Benefits include:

1.       Lower Liability Claims

Not all liability claims are third-party for alleged injury or damage due to the organization’s negligence. Some claims and lawsuits can come from YOUR players and coaches when they simply cannot afford their medical bills. Secondary accident insurance can reduce the occurrence of liability claims by reimbursing the injured party for their out-of-pocket expenses. Regardless of why the accident occurred they are not as likely to file a claim if they are not responsible for any expenses. Liability claims lead to increased premiums. Lowering the number of claims through secondary accident coverage more than pays for the cost of the secondary insurance.

2.     Peace of Mind for All

The unfortunate fact is that not everyone has adequate medical coverage and may be unable to pay for their treatment. Secondary accident coverage ensures those injured receive the treatment and care they need when their primary family insurance can’t, for only a small cost to the organization.

3.     Financial Health of your Organization

It only takes one lawsuit to potentially unravel a well-established league or team. Secondary Accident Medical Insurance plays an important part in protecting the organization you have worked hard to build.



But wait, there’s more…

The following recommended coverages are equally complimentary to your required General Liability and Secondary Accidental Medical coverages and bring many of the same benefits.

  • Catastrophic Secondary Accident Medical Excess Coverage

Like Secondary Accident Medical with higher coverage up to $1,000,000 and wider coverage extending to group travel from games and practices (players and cheerleaders only).


  • Directors and Officers

Offers protection against breach of duty or negligence by directors and officers for acts of omission, misleading statements, failure to provide services, and mismanagement of assets.


  • Inland Marine

Protects all league and team related equipment during play, transport, and off-season storage.


  • Crime Protection

Protects the organization from internal theft of league funds.


Are you protected with a comprehensive, customized insurance plan for your Youth Football Organization? Learn more about Youth Football Insurance and let us help design the right solution for you. Our priority is mitigating risk where possible and providing insurance coverage where risk remains.

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