Why Weddings Should Have Wedding Event Insurance

Frankly, a wedding is a huge expense, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. in 2021 is $20,000-$30,000. To put that in perspective that is the same amount as buying a used car in 2021 and then buying insurance for your car is mandatory- Here at ESP and as many couples find out, so is getting insurance for their wedding.


First, many venues require insurance for their wedding in sequence to host the ceremony and/or reception on their premises. If your venue asked you to get this kind of insurance, there are a few things you need to know to get the right policy. ESP Specialty Insurance can provide the expertise and coverage you need to make sure you can focus on the important things on your wedding day.


What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a short-term type of event insurance that can reimburse you for unexpected financial losses resulting from various circumstances including third-party bodily injury, liquor liability, damage to the property, vendors, weather, and problems with the site.



Example Wedding Claims


  • An unforeseeable issue with your wedding vendor leading to postponing your wedding.
  • An unexpected weather event that makes the venue or location unsafe or unusable forcing you to cancel or postpone your wedding.
  • An unfortunate accident leads to one of your guests getting injured.
  • An unpredicted, global pandemic that creates undue economic distress, limits all air travel and results in laws banning large gatherings. Jogging a memory? Note coverage is limited but available.
  • An unanticipated occurrence leads to property damage to the venue.
  • A guest leaves the event and causes injury to others due to driving under the influence.


These are claims that happen more often than you would think. Coordinating an event itself can be stressful and time-consuming, running into these problems is the least you should be having to worry about on your big day. Let the ESP experts handle the unpredictable and unexpected.


What You Need

  • Adequate Limits
    Different wedding venues may have different requirements for insurance limits. Many venues require $1M in liability coverage for a special event. Make sure your wedding insurance limits are adequate to meet venue requirements. The team at ESP offers basic policies with $1M in coverage per occurrence and up to $10M total for higher requirements

  • Certificate of Insurance
    Most venues asking for wedding event insurance will require a certificate of insurance. This serves as proof you have obtained coverage that meets the venue requirements. Once you purchase a policy from ESP Specialty, we’ll email you an electronic certificate instantly so you can show your venue.

  • An Additional Insured
    Your venue may ask to be added to your policy as an additional insured. This will appear on your certificate of insurance and means your venue will be covered under the policy you purchase. ESP Specialty offers this service upon request for qualified insureds and is required by a written contract.


Where to get wedding event insurance

With a 4.9-star rating on Trust Pilot, ESP Specialty Insurance is the perfect Insurance partner to meet your wedding insurance needs. ESP can provide comprehensive wedding event insurance where the application takes less than 5 minutes, and we get you your certificate of insurance quickly while keeping your event cost low so you can focus on making your big day a success.


ESP partners with the most renowned insurance companies nationwide. At our member-exclusive SHEL Risk Purchasing Association, our cost-effectiveness and comprehensive coverage terms can rarely be matched. We satisfy our valued customers with our top-quality customer service, low prices, and customizable special event liability insurance.


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