When to Consider Wedding Cancellation Insurance

When you’re planning your special day, the last thing you want to think about is the possibility of your wedding getting canceled. However, wedding cancellations can happen to couples for a wide range of reasons outside your control. If this happens to you, insurance coverage can help.


Some variables make it especially worthwhile for couples to invest in insurance coverage. This ESP guide will help you determine when you should consider wedding cancellation insurance.

When You’re Having a Destination Wedding

Do you or your guests, vendors, or anyone else need to travel to reach your wedding venue? Is there any chance your destination wedding venue’s availability or usability could change? In these cases, wedding cancellations can be particularly financially devastating without insurance.


Couples should invest in wedding cancellation insurance coverage so your destination wedding won’t end up breaking the bank if something doesn’t go as planned.

When key participants may be unable to attend

According to WeddingWire, the average couple hires 14 vendors for their special day. Vendors play essential roles in your wedding, but what if something happens to your venue, making it unusable on your big day? What if your officiant becomes too sick to perform your ceremony? Insurance can help with some vendor-related issues like these.


Besides your wedding vendors, there may be other vital participants whose absence may require your entire event to be canceled. If someone in the couple’s immediate family or wedding party becomes ill or injured, or if something else causes an involuntary absence, wedding cancellation insurance will provide some coverage for your financial losses if you have to cancel the wedding.

When the Weather Is Unpredictable

The weather is never easy to anticipate, but in some areas and seasons, it can be even more volatile and unpredictable than usual. How the weather affects your wedding plans, guest and vendor travel, or venue availability can also depend on what type of wedding you’re having. Couples should consider the following while deciding whether to invest in insurance coverage:

  • Rain and wind can even disrupt indoor weddings if flash floods or storm damage affect guest and vendor travel plans or your venue.
  • Snow can create dangerous travel conditions, prevent guests and vendors from arriving, or even cause your venue to become unusable.
  • Icy conditions can also endanger your guests and vendors as they travel to and from your wedding venue.

If the weather is bad enough to prevent key participants and vendors or over half of your confirmed guests from reaching your wedding venue, having wedding cancellation insurance may be wise. You may also want to consider your insurance options if you live or host your wedding somewhere with extreme weather, such as tornados or hurricanes.

When your job or life circumstances are fickle

If you or your partner are military personnel, wedding cancellation insurance can provide coverage in case either person in the couple is unexpectedly called to active duty. Some insurance providers also cover situations such as job loss or change of heart.


One recent development that couples need to consider is insurance for canceled or postponed wedding plans due to COVID-19. Most insurance providers are excluding coronavirus-related losses, since insurance is not designed to protect every purchaser from the same type of claim at the same time.


However, there are other ways to protect your wedding plans from the unpredictable and ongoing pandemic. Communicate with every vendor regarding what will happen if your wedding needs to be canceled or postponed for COVID-related reasons. Also, while wedding cancellation insurance may not protect you in every circumstance, some insurance coverage is better than none at all.

Is Wedding Cancellation Insurance Worth It?

Whether you’re planning a $20,000 wedding or $200,000 wedding, wedding cancellation insurance coverage offers protection against unpredictable situations and involuntary cancellations. This form of insurance coverage is affordable and customizable, making it a worthwhile investment for couples, especially compared to your overall wedding costs.


Remember, you invest a lot of time and energy in planning a beautiful wedding day, not just money. Wedding cancellation insurance provides peace of mind that your efforts and finances won’t go to waste if you need to cancel or postpone your special day.

Other Types of Wedding Insurance Coverage

Besides wedding cancellation insurance, other types of insurance coverage can help you protect your investment for additional reasons.

  • Event Liability Insurance: many venues require proof of liability insurance coverage for you and your vendors. This insurance provides coverage for potential claims related to property damage, accidents and injuries, overconsumption of alcohol, and more.
  • Rain Insurance: while wedding cancellation insurance provides some coverage for specific weather-related circumstances, bad weather alone may not be enough of a reason for reimbursement. Customize your coverage needs with additional rain insurance.

Enjoy your wedding day with the peace of mind you deserve. Wedding insurance can help protect couples from financial loss due to unexpected situations, issues with your venue, weather conditions, travel problems, and more. Ready to include wedding insurance in your wedding planning process? Contact your experts at ESP Specialty today.

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