Breaking Down Youth Football Insurance Costs

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Many people consider football to be one of the great American pastimes. During the autumn months, they eagerly watch as college teams clash on Saturdays, while Sunday afternoons are reserved for the NFL’s gridiron titans. It should come as no surprise that many parents want their kids to play youth football as well. Like all organized athletics, the sport teaches young people about teamwork and fairness and encourages them to enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise. There’s no denying the potential for injury when players of any age take the field, though. That’s why, if you’re hosting a football game or operating a league, you need to be aware of the average youth football insurance cost and allocate the money for that in your budget.

Responsible coaches and parents can often mitigate the possibility of football-related injuries by teaching kids how to play the game the right way. Making sure they are equipped with the latest and most up-to-date helmets, pads, and other equipment should help as well. That doesn’t mean a comprehensive insurance policy is unnecessary, though. Neglecting to get one can prove disastrous, as you will quickly see if you’re facing a lawsuit from a youth football injury and don’t have the appropriate policy in place covering it.

In this post, we explain youth football insurance, going over the different kinds you can get, what these coverage options typically cover, and the cost of these types of policies, too.

Who Does Youth Football Insurance Generally Cover?

Some people might be reluctant to put up the money to cover the typical youth football insurance cost if they are organizing a game or putting a league together. The financial outlay may seem like a burden, but it makes sense when you think about all the individuals and situations such a policy usually covers.

You can expect a youth football insurance policy to cover the following league participants and onlookers:

  • Players
  • League administrators
  • Facility owners
  • Volunteers
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Spectators

It’s not just the players who strap on the pads and take to the field that you need to consider. It’s always possible that one of the parents might stumble and fall while climbing into the bleachers. A coach on the sidelines might be the victim of a hit from one of the players if the action gets too close to them. There are always unfortunate incidents of umpire or fan assault and battery to consider if someone gets a little too passionate and starts throwing punches. You need to make sure all of these individuals are covered by your insurance policy in case they sustain an injury and decide to bring legal action against you.

What Sorts of Injuries Does the Typical Youth Football Insurance Cost Cover?

Although modern football at all levels has gotten considerably better about shielding its players with the most advanced protective technology, there’s still violence inherent to the game. That means injuries are always possible, even when younger children are playing. Injuries can include:

  • Concussions
  • Heat-related illness
  • Verbal, mental, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Contusions and bruises
  • Strains and sprains
  • Fractures

Even a player who is wearing the newest and most protective pads and helmet is one bad hit away from a concussion or a broken bone. It’s another reason why having the proper insurance policy in place to indemnify yourself from a lawsuit is mandatory, not optional.

Different Kinds of Youth Football Insurance You Can Get

There is more than one kind of youth football insurance policy you can purchase, and there’s more than one policy you’re required to have as well. Here is a look at the most common and crucial kinds that are readily available to those who are trying to organize a youth football game or league.

General Liability Insurance

If you’re at all familiar with the insurance industry, you’ve probably heard of general liability insurance before. In the context of youth football, such a policy would cover you against lawsuits and claims that allege property damage or bodily injury took place related to you hosting or organizing a youth football game.

General liability protects you up to a specific dollar amount if any individual brings legal action against you or your football organization. As a policyholder, you are indemnified against costs resulting from an investigation of a claim and the adjustment of any possible payout for which you are held liable in court.

A general liability insurance policy covers any injury to a spectator, player, coach, or anyone else on the premises when a game takes place. These claims also cover incidents where the legal system declares you negligent because of actions you took or didn’t take that led to the injury. Such injuries might include a player overheating and requiring hospitalization during practice or a game, a parent tripping and falling on the sidelines, etc. General liability insurance also covers property damage associated with a game you sanctioned or planned.

Some general liability insurance agreements intentionally include policy exclusions that can leave you or your football organization liable in certain instances where someone sues you. Policies by ESP leave no such loopholes, though.

Accidental Medical Insurance

As you’re budgeting for your youth football insurance cost, make sure to include enough money for accidental medical insurance as well. This is a separate policy from general liability insurance, but it’s no less vital.

Accidental medical insurance covers out-of-pocket medical costs that a player or coach must pay for if they sustain an injury during practice, during a game, or after a game. Whether you’ve set up a flag or tackle football league, injuries often occur, despite your best efforts to keep things safe. It’s your accidental medical insurance policy that keeps a coach or player from incurring a significant financial obligation if they find themselves facing a pile of medical bills due to an injury.

Individuals covered by such a policy will include all registered members of your football-related entity or organization. Those would include volunteers and participants, so long as their injury occurred during an incident directly related to the game, a practice session beforehand, or any similar covered activities.

This policy kicks in when the injured party has medical bills exceeding what their medical insurance covers or if they have no insurance. You can also expect the limits for accidental medical coverage to exceed those of a general liability policy.

How Much Does Youth Football Insurance Cost?

In most instances, if you’re getting ready to create a youth football league or you’re planning on hosting a game, you will want at least $1 million in general liability insurance for the event. You will also require a comprehensive accidental medical insurance policy.

The cost of these insurance policies is going to vary significantly based on several factors. Those will include:

  • Whether the league or game is going to be flag, 7v7, rookie or tackle football
  • Whether you plan on creating a league that will play a full season or whether you’re having a one-time event
  • The age of the players involved
  • Whether you will have overnight sleeping accommodations for players and coaches
  • The total number of participants in the league
  • Whether you are interested in crime coverage, which includes any theft taking place within your league or football organization’s infrastructure

Since the details of every game or league are different, it makes sense that there is no one-size-fits-all quote or price for the insurance policies you’ll need. ESP offers some of the lowest rates in the business.

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It’s Time To Get the Insurance Policies You Need for Your Next Youth Football Game or League

Hosting a youth football game or setting up a league will no doubt be a very exciting time for you, to say nothing of all of the kids, coaches, and parents who will be involved. Whether you plan on having a one-time game scenario or a full slate of games, you’ll give the kids a chance to learn about competition, passion for winning, and the thrill of an action-packed athletic event.

The parents can cheer on their budding sports stars from the sidelines, and the coaches can instill their brand of wisdom accrued from a lifetime of guiding young, impressionable minds. You might even have a situation where some of the kids develop a passion for the game that will one day translate to them pursuing a college football scholarship or chasing a dream of playing in the NFL.

You need to make sure you have insurance policies that cover everyone involved with the league, though, including players, coaches, league executives, volunteers, the parents in the stands, and so forth. For more information on youth football insurance costs, contact ESP, we can give you a customized, competitive quote based on the policies you need. So, get in touch with us today to discuss the details of your one-time youth football event or league. You can reach out to us by phone at (877) 670-2377.

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