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Calling all Vendors and Exhibitors in need of Insurance, “We are here to protect your financial interests.” One day, multiple conference days or an annual policy. At ESP, we understand the need for vendor liability insurance. We insurance and represent thousands of events and vendor participants in need of general liability insurance. In today’s litigious society, vendor event liability insurance can offset significant exposures because if you’re sued and found liable for 3rd party bodily injury or property damage claims, the legal costs alone can be financially devastating.

By partnering with ESP, we can protect you from conditions that are outside of your control - all for the lowest price possible. Our policies offer protection from risk factors such as 3rd party General Liability covering bodily injury and property damage, Spectator Medical, Liquor Liability, Event Cancellation and Weather Liability.

ESP partners with some of the most renowned insurance companies across the country or through a separate member based SHEL Risk Purchasing Association where the prices and coverage terms can rarely be matched. We provide satisfaction to our valued customers by delivering best in class customer service, while offering the coverage options you need at the lowest prices.


Standard Limits

  • General liability: $1 million per occurrence / $2 million aggregate
  • Host Liquor liability Included: $1 million per occurrence / $1 million aggregate
  • NOHA: $1 million (available if required)
  • Inland marine: Varies by value of equipment rented (available if required)
  • Excess spectator / participant medical: $5,000 per occurrence / $50,000 aggregate

Excess Limits

  • Excess limits of up to $10 million available

Geographic Scope

United States
Worldwide coverage for U.S. domiciled insureds

Target Insureds

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One Day Vendor Insurance

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And much more

Minimum Premium

Minimum premiums are subject to risk purchasing group program restrictions only.


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